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Victoria's Secret Mist Bare Vanilla Crystal 250ml

Victoria's Secret Mist Bare Vanilla Crystal 250ml

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Victoria's Secret Mist Bare Vanilla Crystal is a luxurious body mist perfect for everyday wear. It's powered by a sensual blend of vanilla, frosted coconut, and sugar cane for a light, subtle scent that lingers without being overpowering. Enjoy the feeling of refreshed skin and a nice, light fragrance that’ll envelop you in a cozy, stylish aura all day.

  • Refreshing mist for a hint of fragrance. Provocative and powerful, bare vanilla has a decadent blend of clean, fresh, and aromatic notes. It is ideal for daily use.

Victoria's Secret offered a fragrance product called "Victoria's Secret Mist Bare Vanilla Crystal" However, please note that product offerings can change over time, so it's essential to check Victoria's Secret's official website or visit their stores for the most current information on their fragrance collections.

The "Bare Vanilla" fragrance is known for its sweet and warm vanilla scent. It's often described as a comforting and alluring fragrance that captures the essence of vanilla in a soft and sensual way. The fragrance mist is typically a lighter version of the perfume, making it suitable for everyday use and perfect for those who prefer a more subtle scent.

To use the fragrance mist, simply spray it onto your body, preferably on pulse points like your wrists and neck, for a lasting and delightful scent experience.

Colors of the product might appear slightly different on digital devices. Victoria's Secret Entire Collection on Prokare is imported from Singapore and is AUTHENTIC OVERRUN PERFUME FROM ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER.

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